A guide on the wall upgradation in Clash of Clans

Wall breakers are an important part of the clash of the clan and hence the walls are equally important. You should always upgrade the walls for your own benefit but do not overdo because it won’t benefit your team much. So here in this article, we are going to discuss some of the do’s and don’ts of wall upgradation.

Some players will say that upgrading the walls are very much overestimated whereas some will say that upgrading them is their first priority. But the main thing is that the truth lies in between. It is true that even if you develop multiple layers of walls still the wall breakers will destroy them with a single splash. But it will definitely slow down there attacking procedure. When you will start the game it will be quite easy to defend and attack them or stop them with the help of these walls as they act like a charm but with more upgradation it will be quite hard for you to stop the wall breakers. So walls alone won’t be able to protect your town hall and you should always surround the town hall with cannons or mortars.

How to fight these wall breakers

Lower or equivalent Town Hall 5: When you will start the game it is recommended to upgrade these walls to the level 5 because here you will have to spend a very reasonable price and it will also support the base by defending properly. Only have these walls when you will have enough resources.

Town Hall level from 6 to 8: With the leveling up the prices will get a hike and the process will get slower so keep at least one builder for doing the wall upgrades.

Upgrade the walls to the level 7: When you will have enough resources then only you should upgrade the wall because they are not the main priority. Upgrading them to more than level 7 is not a very wise decision.

Town Hall level 9 or more: It is recommended not to upgrade the walls more than the level 8. As leveling up not makes upgrades expensive and then you will only need these resources for the upgradation of the other defenses or the Troops. Try to upgrade when you will loot huge amount by participating in clan wars. If you don’t have the resources to upgarde, then consider using tools to get clash of clans free gems in 2018, everyone does it.

Ways for upgrading the wall correctly

Many people start upgrading their wall without any motive and they hardly know how the walls can help. Not everyone thinks that walls are important so you should always upgrade them properly without spending many resources. But if you want to keep the attackers away from the base then the walls are a great way to distract the troops.

As the main target of the wall breakers is the low level so concentrate on the walls which have upgraded intersection. So the enemy team will not have much wall breakers to destroy all the updated walls and it will help you to save the core of the base.

Instead of using the walls in one concentrated place try to spread them equally and keep them at one level. It will also make your village look clean and at the same time, your opponent will not be able to recognize the area where they should attack first as the walls will have the same level so they won’t know your priority.

The steps will help you to destroy the wall breakers and well as defend yourself from spending a huge amount on the upgradation of walls. Also, buy the wall Breakers so that your team can easily break the walls of the opponent and help your troops to get into the core base.

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